The Museum of Me is an ecosystem of options for virtual immortality and physical mortality embracing one mission - to help people make a choice for their life moments and afterlife in inspiring beautiful respectful environment.


It brings a holistic experience of:

-  personal content making via interviews and our digital service; 

- personal content distribution on demand in physical spaces on digital screens;

- exploring beautiful options for good end of life. 


Welcome partners

Physical spaces

We are looking for physical spaces with celebration of life options (digital screens, funeral:

  • art spaces
  • museum spaces
  • lofts for rent
  • hospitals
  • cemeteries
  • funeral homes


We are building a network of:


  • storytellers 
  • interviewer
  • death doula and similar experts on death issues

Digital multimedia

We are considering different multimedia technologies, especially screens, for physical spaces, that can be managed via  smartphones.