Concept: The Museum of Me

The world's first to celebrate everyone's life

Museum was created as a response to our life style and challenges concerning remembrance. 

Our life cycle covers two big epochs with different behaviors: analoguewith rigorous selection of pictures, keeping memories and writing diaries, and digitalwith constantly outdated devices, multiple pictures and rapid life. 


With smartphones we easily create beautiful memories and keep them in different places: laptops, social networks, cloud accounts, which need to be upgraded from time to time and sometimes there is no time no wish to do it, because every day we have a new portion of memories.

It is important to remember a family tree, but we are living in the time of information and digital abundance. Our memory moved to Google and smartphones. Some people forget who were their ancestors and their stories that could be kept in the virtual reality. Actually our bodies keep information about our ancestors in our DNA (23andme.comis one of the examples), but not about their personalities: hobbies, interests, thoughts or something like this we want to remember rather just facts. 

As digital users we leave quite enough information about ourselves - some moments that matter to us and others. We are fast moving into a time where everything we share for different purposes with a power of artificial intelligence (AI) can be analyzed and turned into virtual us - hopefully the ones we are happy with. Most probably in the future, the virtual reality will be a key in keeping our family tree.


We are the owners of our life story and it matters to have some control over it. 


One more thing: those moments, that matter to us could be the only true version of us, because after death our different versions are kept in memories of those who remember us.


Why Museum


Museum gives more confidence in keeping stories forever. It is not just another app, another social network. It creates a new value of sharing a moment and has a big purpose - to keep a story and a family tree with respect, appreciate life and explore the new potential of death and life perception through the art, nature and digital medium. 


It’s a right place to start a dialogue and share feelings.


Stories can be watched on digital screens and as holograms in public or private spaces. They will be geo tagged with places with the spirit of the time when a person lived. It can be a story of a beloved one - a person or a pet. 


Sometimes only one moment or a favorite song can tell about a person much more than a professionally made biography. 


Mission of Museum- to show the truth that every single life is unique and matters equally, where everyone is an author of his life story.

Museum building as an ungraded Stonehenge.

For a Museum building prototype we were inspired by Stonehenge monument. 

Wherever we are, a story can be displayed via projects to pay tribute at home or at farewell spaces and at celebration of life ceremonies.

I believe that this tradition of paying tribute will open up the potential of a life story. And the next generations will be not only the owners of diverse social network accounts, but also of a story created of moments that matter to their beloved ones.


It could change the way that we die, but more importantly, it could transform the way that we live here and in the now.