We create an inspiring respectful space for immortality to keep everyone's moments that matter and to respect afterlife.



We are about to start implementation of this big project. To make it inspiring and personalized, we would love to hear from you - what life moments are important to you, how you keep them, how you remember your beloved ones, what do you think of afterlife. Everyone interested is welcome to take part in:


- an online survey (answering questions up to 5-7 min);

a heart-to-heart talk which will take 30-60 min by Skype or messenger;

- testing our prototypes.


Please, complete the form and we'll contact you. Let's bring this beautiful vision to the World!

All your data mentioned will be used only for the User Research stage.

Thank you for joining us!


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One day technologies would be able to create a beautiful story out of our data, but we still see the power of humans to make it by themselves. Our mission - to inspire and make this process beautiful and fluent via interviews, digital storytelling and design.

Status: at user research stage. We need your voice.



Until we reach the time of holograms and virtual clones, we would prefer to use our current digital facilities to bring the new experience. Can you imagine how beautiful to see your Moments on big digital screens and invite your beloved ones and co-thinkers. There are so many reasons to create a remarkable event: anniversary, personal exhibition, Memorial Day and many others.

Status: at user research stage. We need your voice.



We would love to contribute to the celebration of life trends with personal natural art tombs, urns and farewell ceremonies and even create a new age cemetery to celebrate everyone's life.

Status: at user research stage. We need your voice.


Good End of Life

We see the value to collect worldwide beautiful respectful options for people to make a conscious personalized choice and answer important questions: what options would resonate my personality? what to do with my afterlife? 

Status: at user research stage. We need your voice.


Memory Garden Day

The first event took place in 2018 in a creative digital multimedia environment ARTPLAY in Moscow, Russia, and invited talented experts to speak about death from a variety of angles: cultural, religious, real cases, futuristic. Created a warm-hearted environment with nature's elements to pay tribute to beloved ones, interact and reflect on life value and its good end. We got so positive feedbacks that now no doubts city environments need this on regular basis.

Status: we welcome physical spaces to hold MGD. Contact us.




Please, complete the form. We'd appreciate your honest answers and will contact you to arrange the date.

All your data mentioned will be used only for the User Research stage.

Thank you for joining us!


With a passion for digitization and nature, I will always strive for excellence in combining these two valuable elements of our world. 

Oliver Freitag | Management & Strategy


A human lifetime appears as a bunch of flowers, it offers diversity, colors and tastes, it changes in every aspect. Our planet is full of flowers and the challenges we are faced with on a day to day basis may block us from seeing these flowers or even guide us into dark directions. 


Of course, there are several options we received from nature to see the light ahead. The mission of our project supports another option to enrich the personal view on our individual future. Memories kept as artifacts of human lifetime will empower our personalities and enable us to change, to love and to celebrate our lives in our rich world of diversity. I see my mission in creating organizations that will grow and flourish.


I see my mission in developing projects based on love and gratitude.

Natalia Shipilova | Vision & Inspiration


My journey with The Museum of Me idea starts at Hyper Island while exploring death in big cities and how to bring funerals into the 21st century.


In big cities death and remembrance are lost in high rhythm and the past rituals. Traditional funeral rituals took roots of fear in collective mindset, so that there is no good chance to think of it except those cases when we are in the same bad mood. It hinders the opportunity to raise death awareness and celebrate life.

When funeral culture makes a shift to the new values - from fear and pain to celebration of life and expression of love to those, who is not with us anymore, it will help raise awareness of death, accept it as a current natural process, be open to the dialogue with less stress, and thus be conscious of life value.


Is TMOM a real physical space?

We encourage a holistic approach merging both physical and digital experience. We explore the existing variety of physical spaces with digital multimedia facilities. In the future we plan to create our own physical museum spaces.


Where it will be located?

Our first locations will take place in Germany and Switzerland. Digital service will be available in English worldwide. Then we’ll expand to other countries. Please, message us where you'd like to see The Museum of Me. 

Are you connected to existing Museums?

We'd like to collaborate with Museums and will explore the opportunities. Interaction with memories will be available in different spaces with digital multimedia facilities. More information will come soon.

Why do we need it?

Time is against choice. 

Our research shows that a family tree is important practically for everyone as well as dying, but people usually don’t think of their own story and their will because of the crazy life rhythm and low motivation until it's too late. 

Is it a new social network or cloud?

It's your personal environment for keeping and interacting with moments that matter to you and make your will. You can invite those whom you trust to view, edit or own your data.  

Does TMOM follow any confessions or create the new one?

We pay deep homage to all confessions. First of all, TMOM appeals to us, humans, and our needs to express love and gratitude to life and our beloved ones. The Museum concept brings respectful beautiful space for self-expression.